9th April 2018

Wild Pork and Water Cress Esay

Describe at least one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text and/or how this character helps you understand an important theme/idea in the novel.


In the novel ‘Wild Pork and Watercress’ the character Ricky Baker matures and changes through out the story. Starting out in the city and a trouble maker and then ending up being in the country and being mature and sensible. Many events through out the story lead to this change. Firstly moving to the farm and then the death of his auntie and finally Hec breaking his leg.

At the start of the novel ‘Wild pork and Watercress’ the character Ricky Baker is given a final chance at freedom by moving to his uncle and aunties farm in the middle of nowhere. This is a life changing event because it is a very different from anything he has ever done or ever seen before. This forces him to change and adapts to the times. An example of this difference is shown when Ricky said “everything about the place was old and falling to bits.” this shows that it was so different that he was uncomfortable in it. In my opinion Ricky is a kid who is not understood and shunned because of it at the start of the book. For Ricky moving to his aunties and uncles house is the first time that he is truly loved and looked after. This means that he starts to change and view the world differently. This means that his maturation has started.

Another turning point for Ricky is the death of Aunt Bella. This causes Ricky to be called back to the city by the welfare services. Ricky now use to the farm does not want to go back to the welfare services and convinces Hec to take him into the bush with him and so escaping the the welfare system. This causes him to mature again because he is now living in the bush and is wanted by the police. This means that he has a large weight on his shoulders and means that he must change to the times. An example of this is “I’m not going into any welfare home.” This shows how much Ricky does not want to go into a welfare home. In my opinion Ricky is put through a lot of stress and makes some poor choices but it it was possibly for the better as it means that he learns how to survive in the bush.

Another major turning point for Ricky is Hec breaking his leg. For Ricky this means that he has to take on all the hunting responsibilities. This means that Ricky has to mature to step up and look after Hec and himself for them to survive.  Uncle Hec broke his leg when he dropped a rock on his foot. This means that they could not move on from the camp that they were at in the middle of the uraweas. There is an abundance of animals to hunt but as time goes on the animals disappears and it gets harder for Ricky to hunt for food. The quote “We were out of meat by the time I went for my first hunt and I had to get something.” shows how much pressure Ricky was under to get food.

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